Marsco Heat Barrier Glass

Our glass can take the Heat

Leading manufacturers turn to EGP’s Marsco brand for the highest quality and best value in Heat Barrier™ low e glass products, specially designed to barricade heat into designated areas.

Our HBII™ coating was introduced in 1982, and for over 30 years it has been the #1 choice of range manufacturers for use in self cleaning oven doors. HBII™ is the most advanced heat reflective coating available. This transparent coating is applied to both sides of soda lime, borosilicate or ceramic glass creating an energy efficient glass panel that is highly resistant to thermal shock. HBI™ offers the same benefits for applications that require coating on only one side of the glass.

Specification of Heat Barrier Glass

IR Heat Reflection (2μM-5μM)

Sheet Resistance (4 pt. probe)

IR Transmittance (2μM-25μM)

Emissivity (2.5μM-25μM)

Visible Transmittance

Coating Thickness

Coating Hardness

> 75%

30 Ohm/Sq. ± 7Ohm/Sq.

< 1%

0.25 or less

80% (nominal)

3500 Angstroms (typical)

7 Mohs