Warming Shelves

Warning: Food will fly off these shelves!

EGP’s heated glass shelves provide an attractive and efficient way to keep food warm for a variety of food service applications. Using heated glass for food warming displays offers unique advantages over displays with coil heating systems:

• Uniform heat distribution helps maintain food items at a consistent temperature, reducing risks of overheating and drying out the food

• Glass surfaces are more sanitary and easy to clean & maintain

• Improved visibility leads to faster customer selections and better customer service

Precise, temperature control display cabinets

Food equipment is one of many unique applications where heated glass shelves can be incorporated into product designs. How can a heated glass shelf enhance your next product concept?

• Available shelf sizes: 6″ x 6″ to 29.5″ x 72″

• AC/DC 110v and 220v

• Minimum quantity 100 pieces